Thursday, 10 March 2011

Good news for Quail Ridge and the Kelowna Airport area.

Extract from the Thomson report on this weeks Castanet Business News by John Thomson - Story: 60525.

"It looks like it is a finally a go for the Sheraton Four Points Hotel across from the entrance to the Kelowna International Airport. Argus Properties of Kelowna is the developer.

It's good to hear that the project is going ahead as it has been a rumour mill for years and years and if my numbers are correct at least three other development projects for a hotel for that site have been announced, one of them including a Sheraton banner.

The developer has called for an operator to take over the restaurant food operation for the 120-room hotel. I understand conference services will also be available, but all of that information is yet to be announced.

This will be the third new hotel for the city in the last three years."

I believe this will be good news from Quail Ridge and other local residents, as hopefully this will be the catalyst for greater developement in the Airport Business Park area and also more amenties such as a convenience store, which the area has wanted for some time.

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