Monday, 23 January 2012

New Bus Service for Quail Ridge - September 2012 says City of Kelowna

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I just wanted to share the really great news I have heard for the Quail Ridge area for September 2012 from The City of Kelowna.

There is provision in the 2012 budget for Quail Ridge service to commence September 2012.  We are just now starting the process of planning the service.  One of the immediate challenges is that we don’t have a smaller Community Bus available (an order is in place with a bus manufacturer, but that may take some time to receive it).  What this means is that the September service may be limited to the main roads (serving the multi-family buildings) with a full size bus, until we can get the smaller bus in place.
We also are developing the scheduling.  We don’t anticipate demand for an all day, high frequency service, but more of a service with morning and afternoon service runs geared towards class start and end times e.g., 7:30am run, 8:30am run, noon run, 2:30pm run 5:30pm run.  Frequency and routing could change based on ridership levels.
You will hear the details in the upcoming final budget in May, which will receive media coverage at that time. 
Jerry Dombowsky, Regional Programs Manager
Regional Services Department, Community Sustainability Division

 TEL 250 469-8735
FAX 250

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