Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Undertaking a Energy Efficient Refit to your Home? Finance Scheme extended to the City of Kelowna 2014

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We have just received notification today that a pilot project set up a couple of years ago to work with either BC Hydro or FortisBC to finance energy-efficient retrofits, has now been expanded to cover the City of Kelowna, effective from January 2014.

Owners of single-family homes in our area are able to apply for financing through BC Hydro and Fortis BC to undertake energy-efficient retrofits. The financing offer does not require up-front payments by participants, and gives them more options to recover the costs of their investment through energy savings, even if they sell their home during the term of the loan. 

The financing agreements under the pilots can be transferred from the seller to the buyer when the home is sold, if both parties agree to the transaction. Please note that the transfer is optional and the original borrower can pay off the full balance at any time, including prior to sale, if they so desire.

The information sheet prepared by BCREA has been updated to reflect the current information, and will be revised again once the BC Hydro program is back online.  The link below outlines what people need to know and provides a “Notice of Transfer” form for when a participating home is sold:

For Renovating for Effiency Loan Program details about eligibility and answers to frequently asked questions, visit:

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